Chub, chub and more chub!

Alan Wilkie returned to a little-fished stretch of the River Ivel but struggled to get any bites on lobworms. However, Alan had been feeding his swim with a few mini-boilies so decided to give them a try instead. Almost immediately, he had a good bite using a side-hooked boily and this turned out to be a 5lb 7oz chub. He fished on to take another chub of 4lbs using the same tactic. Later in the week, Alan fished an after dark session on the River Ouse at Wyboston and went on to catch a 5lb 2oz chub.

Winston Pogmore decided to fish the High Romper stretch of the Ivel at Tempsford but he too found it extremely hard going with little action. He left his cheese paste hook bait in the water for nearly 20 minutes but finally had a good bite which turned out to be a 4lb 6oz chub. His fishing companion, Gerry Caplin, fished on School Meadow close to the confluence of the rivers Ivel and Great Ouse. Gerry managed to catch a 5lb 2oz chub, his biggest ever chub to end the season on a high.

Fraser Hayden chose to try his luck on the Ivel upstream of Langford Mill. In a short 3-hour session, Fraser took five chub including fish of 4lb 7oz, 4lb 10oz and 5lb 1oz. All were caught on small cubes of flavoured luncheon meat dyed black. Also, Fraser saw small fish topping throughout his stay, a testament to the recent stockings carried out by the Environment Agency and BHAA.

Fisheries officer Martin Crouch opted to finish the season on the prolific stretch of the River Ouse at Manor Farm, Lavendon. Using lobworms as bait, Martin went on to catch three big perch including specimens weighing 2lb 9oz and 3lb 8oz.

A member reported finding a watch and watch strap at the Sandy Lakes complex. If you want to retrieve them, please contact the membership secretary on 01767 223147. Similarly, the secretary is in possession of a large weigh sling which he found at the lakeside several months ago which remains unclaimed.