Big commons put in an appearance

Despite some warm afternoon sunshine, cold nights were still making the fish reluctant to feed in earnest.

Paul Witchell fished an overnight session at Gingerbread Lake and was well pleased to catch a big 27lb 2oz common carp. Head bailiff Dave Halleybone found the lake’s carp difficult to tempt but reported catching two tench around 7lb each. Alan Wilkie has continued to target tench and chalked up another 6 pounder but lost a big fish when it became heavily weeded up. Members are asked to refrain from feeding the resident swans which are starting to become a nuisance by constantly invading anglers’ swims and catching lines.

Rob Norris spotted some rushes being knocked by fish in the Links Pool and cast his hook bait close by. He was soon into a fish which turned out to be another big common, this time a 20lb 4oz specimen. Two more carp were caught but these were smaller mirrors stocked by the club into the fishery last year.

Sport on New Road Lake has remained slow although pike have been observed grouping up in the margins. The odd carp have been seen leaping out but have generally proved to be difficult to catch.

Gary Page reported catching three carp and a bream on a recent day visit to McGregor Lake where sport has been generally slow during the past week. Gary has found the carp have a liking for fruity trifle boilies whilst the bream favoured white chocolate. Lake regular Richard Griffin found big bream to be in a feeding mood on a recent visit taking four fish to 10lb 11oz. It could have been more but for a couple of dropped fish on the way to the net. Membership Secretary Anthony Pogmore had an eventful day’s fishing at the same venue. He was retrieving a small piece of plastic corn when it was grabbed a double-figured pike. The fish was neatly hooked in the ‘scissors’ and was promptly returned to fight another day. Later, he landed a nice mirror carp and a bream but, as he was packing up for the day, he struck into a drop-back bite. The fish was soon landed and turned out to be a whacking roach/bream hybrid close to 4lbs. Apart from the pike, all his fish fell to Scopex/Squid/Robin Red mini boilies. Another big thank you is due to the lads from ‘Angling for Success’ who have continued to construct more permanent swims around the lake.

A final reminder for night permit holders – if you want to renew your permits, you must do so before the end of the month or risk losing them as a long waiting list of anglers keen to obtain them exists.