Cluster is very much alive and kicking!

The warmer weather is slowly starting to have its effect on catches although some overnight frosts did little to help the situation.

The tench fishing at Gingerbread Lake has been picking up with Alan Wilkie catching a number of six pounders through the week during daytime sessions. Anthony Pogmore landed a 5lb 12oz male tench which he caught on a Scopex/Squid/Robin Red mini boilie and followed this up with a 9lb male bream on his next visit. His brother Winston landed another 5lb 12oz male tench then followed this up with another weighing 5lb 14oz. Kevin Webb caught a 9lb bream fishing along the north bank in the factory bay. The much sought after ‘Cluster’ was caught by Steve Sewell weighing 40lb 4oz to scotch rumours that the fish had died. The successful bait was Squid 2-t. Jared Cooper caught a 26lb 8oz common carp during an overnight session also using S-2t baits. Pike to low doubles were active too attacking lures.

Carp in the Links Pool were proving hard to catch but young Jake Sampson managed to tempt a 16lb 9oz common carp into feeding.

One of the most productive of BHAA’s waters during the past week has been New Road Lake where several anglers have recorded some good catches. Mark Barnatt had never caught a double-figure bream before but was advised to try for them at New Road. Mark was ecstatic not to catch one such specimen on his first visit to the venue but instead landed two over the magic 10lb barrier. His fish weighed 10lb 2oz and 11lb 5oz and were in super condition. Barry Fox decided on a change of venue from his usual McGregor haunt and a daytime session landed mirror carp weighing 17lb 8oz and 19lbs. The next day, another angler caught carp of 19lbs and 13lbs from the same swim in quick succession. EA officer Alex Malcolm
recently managed to fish an evening after work and was pleased to catch a 17lb 8oz mirror carp and a 11lb 2oz bream.

Robert Smith recently had a surprise whilst fishing at McGregor Lake when a massive 25lb pike grabbed his boilie as he was retrieving it for a re-cast. Robert said that he had spotted an even bigger pike swimming close to the bank on another occasion. Barry Fox caught six carp to 10lbs before deciding enough was enough and put his rods away.