Big bream and tench on the feed!

Another warm week has improved catch rates no end at all BHAA’s still water venues.
Bream have begun spawning at Gingerbread Lake but still continued to feed. Winston Pogmore caught a 9lb 8oz bream on maggots fishing from the ‘carpet’ swim in the middle of the lake. Another angler recorded a new p.b. when he landed a 9lb 2oz bream fishing from the road bank. He had spotted bream rolling close to the bank and tempted the fish on bread flake. Alan Wilkie has been catching big tench again recording, at least, two over 8lbs. Andrew Stapleton caught a 30lb 8oz mirror on his latest visit. The fish is easily recognizable as it has a damaged tail thought to have been caused by an otter attack. Andrew said that the damage was beginning to heal so, hopefully, the fish will continue to improve in appearance.

Carp were active in the Links Pool with groups of them cruising near the surface and causing the reed mace to shake violently. However, there were no reports of any of them being caught!

Some fantastic catches have been reported from New Road Lake during the past week. During an overnight session, Alan Wilkie landed an 11lbh 10oz bream and four carp weighing 18lb 10oz, 18lb 14oz, 16lb 10oz and 13lbs. John Murphy landed carp weighing 19lb 8oz, 20lb 11oz and 21lbs during recent day visits. Also, he caught an 18lb 3oz pike which took a liking to his boilie! Fraser Hayden has recently taken two double-figured bream weighing 10lb 3oz and 11lb 12oz, his target fish from the lake. Mick Usher fished a session catching 3 carp to over 19lbs and two double-figured bream to 12lbs.

Gary Page found that sport from carp at McGregor Lake had slowed down managing only a couple of fish. However, a change of bait brought a host of tench for Gary plus some good-sized bream. His tench weighed 4lb 15oz, 7lb 2oz, 5lb 12oz , 6lb 7oz and 6lbs and the bream 5lbs. Club chairman, Neil Sampson took his son Matthew with him and they enjoyed some great sport. Matthew caught two carp around 7lbs and, on a subsequent visit, hit the jackpot by catching 6 carp to 11lbs and an 8lb bream. Neil managed to land 5 carp to 10lbs and 3 bream to 8lbs in between helping his son. All their fish fell to mini boilies over a bed of pellets.