Gingerbread Lake record smashed as fish go on a feeding frenzy

Some fabulous catches have been made from BHAA venues over the past fortnight with a new lake record for Gingerbread being set by head bailiff Dave Hallybone. Fishing an overnight session, Dave caught the magnificent ‘Cluster’ weighing 41lb 4oz, a pound heavier than its previous heaviest weight. The fish fell to a CC Moore’s boilie. Kevin Barrable has been enjoying a great first season at Gingerbread Lake including tench to 8lb 10oz and carp to 28lb 2oz which were both personal bests for the angler. His big carp was an immaculate common but he was able to break it again only 24 hours later when he caught another big common weighing 28lb 12oz. Reports have been received that Kevin has even topped that with a three fish haul of carp weighing 21lbs, 23lbs and 29lbs caught from two-bar bay. Another member, Ian Warner had an astonishing catch of 15 fish comprised of 8 carp, 3 of which topped 30lbs and 7 tench two of which exceeded 10lbs, the heaviest weighing 10lb 6oz. Ian returned to the same swim a week later to catch a 27lb carp. Lewis Feneley opted to fish in the pump house bay where a northerly breeze was pushing into. Lewis went on to land 4 carp from an area often thought not to hold many carp. Steve Alsford reported catching an immaculate 31lb mirror together with two bream weighing 7lbs and 9lbs. Ron Stapleton spotted some carp in a small bay at the bridge end of the lake and quickly caught mirrors weighing 28lb 8oz and 31lb 4oz plus a huge 8lb 8oz tench. Martin Knibbs landed a 21lb plus carp and four tench, the best weighing an impressive 9lb 1oz. Fraser Hayden targeted the lake’s tench taking four fish to 7lb 8oz. Paul Webb made a welcome return to the venue and was soon into catching some big fish. Paul caught tench weighing 8lb 7oz, 6lb, 5lb 12oz plus four other between 4lbs and 5lbs. Paul used a maggot feeder to catch his fish. Ken Gates was another angler to get among the tench catching five fish up to 8lb 14oz. Membership Secretary Anthony Pogmore also landed a personal best tench of 8lb 2oz which took a boilie intended for carp. Another member caught an 18lb pike on a lure when he made a few casts along the road bank before getting down to some tench fishing. The week finished with a magnificent spectacle of the lake’s carp in a spawning frenzy with the water black with large carp both mirrors and commons to dispel any rumour that the lake had a shortage of the species. At least, estimated to weigh over 30lbs were spotted with many upper 20s.

John Murphy decided to fish overnight for the first time in over 40 years at New Road Lake from where he caught three whopping bream all over 10lbs. John’s fish weighed 10lb 2oz, 10lb 10oz and 12lb 3oz , a new personal best rfor the angler.

The prolific McGregor Lake known for its massive head of carp is rapidly gaining a reputation for its tench Derek watchorn fished the lake for the first time this year catching a 7lb 4oz specimen, a new personal best for him.

Plenty of carp have been spotted from all quarters of the Links Pool but only reports of some stockies being caught have been received. The larger carp seem to be easily spooked and may have spawning on their minds.