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Jared sets a new lake record!

Whilst most anglers persisted with boilies at Gingerbread Lake, Jared Cooper decided to try a change of tactic opting for floaters to try to tempt the carp that were clearly visible in and around the dense weed beds. It was the lake’s largest mirror carp, Cluster, who fell for Jared’s bait and the fish topped the previous lake record by three ounces at an impressive 41lb 7oz.

Mick breaks the 10lb barrier again!

John Murphy. Decided to fish in the Links Pool after he found his preferred swims occupied on Gingerbread Lake. John found that he had to fish tight to the thick lily beds in order to get bites and, as a consequence he lost two good fish that made a dash for cover when hooked. However, he was pleased to land a 10lb 3oz bream, one of the biggest reported from this venue, plus a stockie mirror carp.

Matt is over the moon!

Mistral Baits’ manager Matt Parry time off work for a session at Gingerbread Lake and opted for the little-fished ‘Fridge’ swim in the factory bay. An overnight session produced a tench, bream and a mid-double carp all caught on Mistral LiveR boilies. Matt returned two days later and had a catch that really put the icing on the cake for his holiday as he went on to catch a tench around 6lbs, three more bream to double-figures and the magnificent and elusive mirror carp called ‘Moon scale’ at 38lb 8oz.

Neil bags another big eel

Club chairman Neil Sampson decided to try for the big tench that inhabit Gingerbread Lake and opted for a swim in two-bar bay. Neil could not tempt any tench to feed but still ended the day with a bumper catch. His first fish was a huge 4lb 13oz eel which was his second largest specimen from the lake. Later, a move of swim to the 20/20 swim produced 4 bream to 9lbs and a smaller eel for him. The hot and humid weather resulted in many of the lake’s big carp being seen cruising the surface giving a mouth-watering display to the anglers there. A number of 20lb plus carp were caught including a 25lb specimen by Colin Burge who was also fishing in two-bar bay and a bag of 3 20lb plus carp for another angler fishing the dugout swim.