Jared sets a new lake record!

Whilst most anglers persisted with boilies at Gingerbread Lake, Jared Cooper decided to try a change of tactic opting for floaters to try to tempt the carp that were clearly visible in and around the dense weed beds. It was the lake’s largest mirror carp, Cluster, who fell for Jared’s bait and the fish topped the previous lake record by three ounces at an impressive 41lb 7oz. Paul Saunders caught a 6lb 15oz tench when his swim started to fizz with feeder bubbles in the early morning and John Murphy bagged a 9lb 8oz bream whilst fishing in the factory bay. Mark Bailey landed four good-sized tench and a 12lb carp when he fished overnight in the factory bay spinney but sport died after he lost two fish in the dense weed beds.

Paul Smith fished his first overnight session at New Road Lake and hit the jackpot by catching bream weighing 9lbs, 9lb 14oz and 12lb 13oz. Although pleased with his catch, Paul commented that most of the lake’s big bream were rolling on the surface at the opposite end of the lake! Mark Bailey fished a single night on the lake and caught a 14lb mirror carp which has encouraged him to put in a longer session on his next visit.

The start of the new season saw the club’s fisheries officer Martin Crouch trying his luck on the lower Ivel at Tempsford. Martin baited his swim heavily with sweetcorn and before long chub could be seen moving over his baited area. Martin went on to catch three whopping chub weighing 5lb 1oz, 5lb 8oz and 6lb 11oz. The six pounder showed signs of having spawned only recently so could well weigh much heavier within a few weeks.

Carp and bream featured mainly in members’ catches at McGregor Lake where the bright sunshine mainly restricted feeding activity to the mornings, evenings and nights. Mini boilies continued to provide plenty of bites with fruit flavours seeming to be preferred by the fish.