Mick breaks the 10lb barrier again!

Mick Lomas had a couple of days spare between jobs and decided to fish a couple of nights at Gingerbread Lake after carp. During his session Mick caught a 23lb mirror from the factory bay but also landed 5 tench, the biggest weighing a colossal 10lb 4oz. Paul Webb tried an old-fashioned method of tench fishing few anglers bother with this day and age. He chose a swim in a weedy part of the lake and then dragged his swim with a rake head tied to nylon rope. Almost immediately tench were active in the freshly raked swim as feeder bubbles began to appear in profusion. Paul went on to catch two tench during his brief stay weighing 7lb 3oz and 7lb 5oz. Lobworms were again his chosen bait. Colin Burge bought some halibut flavoured boilies from a local tackle shop and fished with them in the factory bay. He caught only one fish on them but it turned out to be a whopping 10ln bream. Willy Woodfield finished his previous week’s session with a second 20lb plus carp, a 21lb mirror and was unlucky to lose a good thirty in the marginal weed as he attempted to net it. He returned again for his second session and opted to fish the same swim in the bridge bay but found takes hard to come by. Almost 24 hours later he had his first run that turned out to be a 20lb common carp and then followed this capture up with a 22lb 3oz fully-scaled mirror. Several other 20s were caught during the week by publicity shy anglers.

John Murphy. Decided to fish in the Links Pool after he found his preferred swims occupied on Gingerbread Lake. John found that he had to fish tight to the thick lily beds in order to get bites and, as a consequence he lost two good fish that made a dash for cover when hooked. However, he was pleased to land a 10lb 3oz bream, one of the biggest reported from this venue, plus a stockie mirror carp.

The cooling temperatures have slowed down sport at New Road Lake dramatically although anglers still experienced the odd screamer whereas at McGregor Lake bream, rudd and roach were caught in abundance by anglers fishing on maggots and pellets.