Barry makes a cracking start!

Some of the new members to Biggleswade and Hitchin AA have got to dream starts to the season. Barry Richardson fished an overnight session on New Road Lake where he hooked and landed a truly magnificent looking 27lb fully scaled mirror carp. Fisheries officer Martin Crouch was able to confirm that it was one of the carp introduced into the lake by AJS Fisheries only five years ago weighing no more than 5lbs. Another new member, Brian Curtis got off to a flier too by catching a 22lb mirror carp from the same venue. Later in the week, the hot weather triggered off another spawning session curtailing sport somewhat. It is pleasing to report that the lake seems to be holding good numbers of silver fish too and the increased amount of weed should afford them greater protection from marauding cormorants. .

There have been plenty of large carp spotted at Gingerbread Lake this week, the only problem being that they were either preoccupied with spawning or resting up in the dense weed beds. However, Mike Horspool was undeterred and targeted fish by casting into a small clear patch surrounded by weed beds. He used quick-release weights to avoid the risk of losing any fish that might bury themselves in the weed. Mark’s tactics proved to be a winner as he went on to catch two carp, a mirror weighing 31lb 10oz and a 20lb common. Paul Saunders reported catching an 8lb 6oz tench fishing in the carpet swim and Paul Smith landed a 7lb 3oz specimen fishing from the road bank. Colin ‘the worm’ Burge said that he landed a near 10lb tench fishing in the factory bay spinney using his favourite hair-rigged lobworms.

Later in the week, Paul Saunders returned to the complex and opted to fish the lightly-fished Links Pool where dense lily pads have been deterring other anglers. Paul landed an 8lb fully-scaled mirror carp but lost, at least, three much larger fish that bolted for the lilies. Needless to say, Paul is planning an early return to the venue.

A new member, Brian Sanderson, decided to start off the season fishing in Anchor Meadow on the River Ouse at Tempsford. Brian was well pleased with his choice landing a 4lb bream on cheese paste and catching a number of perch up to an impressive 3lbs.

Many members still do not realise what great sport can be had on the club’s river stretches that all hold big fish of various species. They will often find them almost devoid of other anglers, even at weekends, and a visit can make a welcome break from fishing the busier still water venues.