New Road continues to sparkle!

Anglers fishing at BHAA’s New Road Lake have enjoyed some tremendous catches confirming that the venue has finally come of age as a big fish water. Mark Bailey took his friend Martin Girdwood to fish with him hoping to catch some of the lake’s big bream as well as any carp. However, it was carp that were to dominate action throughout their stay with Mark landing 11 fish up to 26lb 3oz despite losing another four. Martin was well pleased too landing 4 fish to 20lb 9oz and losing another two. Phil Robertson and his son-in-law have enjoyed a dream start on the water and it was Phil’s turn when he caught a 24lb 8oz mirror carp during an overnight stay. The lake record has been broken too with the capture of a 31lb mirror carp but details of the captor are sketchy.

Dense weed growth has deterred a number of anglers from fishing at Gingerbread Lake but, for those who have, sport has been good with some more great catches. Head bailiff Dave Hallybone caught a 25lb mirror and Rob Norris caught two 27lb carp and a 14 pounder fishing amongst thick weed beds in the bridge bay. Earlier in the week, Mark Horspool ended up catching five carp to over 31lbs by targeting small clear patches in the weed. Chris Tyrell baited heavily with particles and was rewarded with the capture of a 26lb 8oz mirror carp while his fishing companion Ken Smith had to be content with a few tench.

Paul Saunders fished the Links Pool where he experienced 11 runs during the day but could only manage to land a stockie mirror as much heavier fish hooked ploughed off into nearby thick lilies. Paul returned later in the week to land another small mirror but found the bigger fish harder to locate despite his swim being alive with feeder bubbles for much of his stay.

Barry Fox had a bumper day with the bream on McGregor Lake catching 11 fish, ten of which were caught on method feeder using sweetcorn as bait and a Betaine method mix. Barry’s catch included a new p.b. bream in the form of a 7lb 14oz specimen. A few carp were being caught throughout the week but it was bream that continued to dominate in anglers’ catches.

Some great news for anglers planning to fish at either Manor Farm, Lavendon or Priory Farm, Harrold where access for vehicles has been a perpetual problem. The landowner has kindly agreed to provide a quantity of hardcore to repair the track at Lavendon and a parking area is to be created inside the third meadow to provide closer access for vehicles and to enable them to be turned. Working parties will be held on the 4th and 11th of September to complete the work so please make an effort to come along if you want to benefit from the changes.