Why aren’t you here?

Whilst the majority of anglers are plying their trade around the lakes, Gary Eaglen has been enjoying some great sport on the River Ouse at Manor Farm, Lavendon. Gary found the river heavily weeded so decided to drag himself a clear patch of water to fish and went on a catch perch weighing 3lbs 1oz and 2lb 1oz, bream of 9lb 7oz and 7lb 3oz and tench of 4lb 1oz and 5lb 7oz. He returned to the river some days later and followed up his catch with yet more tench weighing 5lb 10oz, 5lb 8oz and 4lb 14oz as well as catching plenty of smaller fish. Gary is convinced that no one else had fished the stretch in recent weeks as there was no evidence of any other swims being cut but Gary said that they don’t know what they are missing!

Ben Lloyd decided to fish for pike at New Road Lake on a very hot day when nothing else appeared to be feeding. Using a herring as bait, Ben was well pleased to catch a 7lb 2oz pike. Mark Bailey returned to the same venue landing 4 carp all mid-doubles. The strange thing was though they were all commons, a relative rarity in this lake. Also, Mark accidentally lassoed a large pike that he was able to promptly untangle and return.

Dave Holland float-fished in the factory bay at Gingerbread Lake using sweet corn as bait and caught roach after roach until he ran out of bait. Dave said that all the fish were in the 6-80z bracket and were in pristine condition. Mark Horspool’s latest session ended disappointingly for him but his fishing companion caught a 30lb mirror fishing in the factory bay. Mark decided on a move to the ‘20/20 ‘swim on the road bank but fared no better. As he was packing up, Gary Edge cast out into an adjacent swim and, almost immediately, hooked into a double-figured carp to rub salt into poor Mark’s wounds! Fisheries officer Martin Crouch fished overnight to catch a 24lb mirror carp but lost another two to hook pulls in the dense weed. Plenty of big bream and tench were being caught at night and a few in the daytime too. Big roach were attacking mini-boilies in the factory bay offering an opportunity for anglers to target the species.

Andre Oldham fished a 72 hour session at the prolific McGregor Lake where he went on to catch a total of 35 fish haul comprised of 20 bream and 15 mirror carp to mid-doubles. His friends Phil and Terry got in on the action too landing 2 and 4 mirror carp respectively. Andrew used Squid 2T as bait in conjunction with a method feeder. The Smith family who are regular visitors to the lake, reported catching a 20lb pike plus several single-figured carp.