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Martin hits the jackpot!

Throughout the summer, many of the big the carp in Gingerbread Lake have stayed close to the dense weed beds for much of the time making them difficult to catch. The weed is now starting to die back making it easier to present baits to feeding fish. Lake regular Martin Knibbs chose a swim where he could cast between some large weed beds and went on to land over 300lbs of carp during a recent session. Martin’s exceptional catch included two mirrors each weighing 35lbs neither of which were named fish, a 32lb mirror, 6 fish over 20lbs and two upper doubles. Club chairman Neil Sampson landed a personal best common carp weighing 29lb 7oz too. His fish was caught on a boily fished over a bed of hemp.

Fraser earns his stripes!

While many anglers concentrate on still waters at this time of the year, Fraser Hayden has been enjoying some great sport on the River Ouse at Tempsford. Fraser has targeted perch fishing only short sessions and trying different stretches of the river each time. He has caught between 6 and 10 perch each visit with the largest fish topping the 2lb mark. Float-fished lobworms have been doing the business for him.

Anancondas on the loose!

However, in recent weeks, Stewart has landed three large eels, the best weighing 5lb 4oz. On his latest trip, he caught a 24lb mirror carp and some big roach up to 1lb 14oz. Stewart said that the roach had little trouble whittling his boilies down to a manageable size. Another carp angler, Willy Woodfield, also reported catching a big eel that weighed 5lb 4oz too. Mark Horspool resumed his successful run with the lakes’ carp catching three big ones to 28lbs.

Rob the carpet bagger?

Robert Hammond fished a session in ‘the carpet’ swim and went on to catch three carp all over 20lbs, the best weighing 28lbs. Paul Junke opted for ‘the dugout’ swim where he enjoyed some hectic sport and caught carp weighing 24lb 12oz and 18lb 8oz plus a nice tench. Paul said that he experienced line bites throughout the night confirming the swim was full of fish. Anglers who fished in the channel area caught carp over to 20lbs although the weed there was still very thick in places. A single run late in the day provided a 6lb 11oz male tench for membership secretary Anthony Pogmore who fished in the ‘20/20’ swim.