Anancondas on the loose!

The fishing at Gingerbread Lake continues to throw up some surprise catches for anglers although carp remain the main quarry. Stewart Howes has been enjoying some great sport catching carp to 32lbs and plenty of the lakes’ large bream. However, in recent weeks, Stewart has landed three large eels, the best weighing 5lb 4oz. On his latest trip, he caught a 24lb mirror carp and some big roach up to 1lb 14oz. Stewart said that the roach had little trouble whittling his boilies down to a manageable size. Another carp angler, Willy Woodfield, also reported catching a big eel that weighed 5lb 4oz too. Mark Horspool resumed his successful run with the lakes’ carp catching three big ones to 28lbs. Mark has been targeting his fish amongst the dense weed beds using quick release weights. Mike Lomas fished a session in the factory bay catching 7 tench using Mistral LivR boilies as bait. Dave Holland fished in the ‘carpet’ swim where he caught roach after roach on sweetcorn until he got tired of catching them! Jared Cooper chose the factory bay for his latest session and went to catch 4 carp to mid-twenties despite losing two others. Head bailiff Dave Hallybone reported catching two carp, an upper double and a low 20 again from the factory bay. It is pleasing to report that anglers are catching a fair number of single and double-figured carp from the lake this season guaranteeing some good sport for future years.

Some rumour mongers have been spreading stories that carp were being moved wholesale from the Links Pool into Gingerbread which was not the case. A reassured Rob Aston fished there recently catching no fewer than five carp, all low doubles.

John Hutchinson took a break from his rod building business to wet a line at McGregor Lake. John trickled bait into his swim for an hour before casting out and chose stewed wheat as bait. Before long, John’s swing tip was being pulled round time and again as a succession of large bream made their way to the bank with fish up to 6lbs. Winston Pogmore has been enjoying some great sport with carp during the daytime catching fish to low doubles using mini boilies and ground baiting with Vitalin and pellets. A former soldier, Bradley Curtis, who recently joined the club has reported getting off to a flyer catching plenty of carp on Mainline boilies.