Fraser earns his stripes!

While many anglers concentrate on still waters at this time of the year, Fraser Hayden has been enjoying some great sport on the River Ouse at Tempsford. Fraser has targeted perch fishing only short sessions and trying different stretches of the river each time. He has caught between 6 and 10 perch each visit with the largest fish topping the 2lb mark. Float-fished lobworms have been doing the business for him.

The carp at Gingerbread Lake have proved to be elusive beasts preferring to stay within the sanctuary of the dense weed beds for much of the time. Several anglers have spotted some carp active in the less weedy factory bay and one angler to benefit was lake regular Willy Woodfield. Willy found some clear patches about 40 yards out and baited them with his homemade boilies. He went on to catch three 20s, mirrors weighing 21lb 6oz and 25lb 2oz and a beautiful looking common also weighing 25lb 2oz.. John Murphy fished overnight in the factory bay from where he caught a p.b. tench of nearly 7lbs plus a good-sized bream. Fisheries officer Martin Crouch has been having some great catches of roach at the lake pole fishing with hemp. Several of the fish caught topped the 1lb mark and all were in pristine condition. Reports have been received of anglers exceeding the 72-hour limit and the culprits will risk losing their night permits. The limit is there to give all anglers a fair chance of catching fish and to be able to access the more popular swims and these selfish individuals are only spoiling it for the many.

The odd carp continues to be caught at New Road Lake although plenty of big carp and bream can be observed breaking the surface. It seems that they may have found a good source of natural food and are leaving anglers’ bait largely alone. Anglers who have float-fished at the lake have caught some good silver fish, mainly roach which were thought to be in short supply

Carp and bream remain active at McGregor Lake with evenings proving to be a good feeding time. The lake has produced some good-sized carp this season with specimens to 23lb being banked. Many of the carp seem to prefer the very shallow water at the far end of the lake but from where they can be easily spooked.