Martin hits the jackpot!

Throughout the summer, many of the big the carp in Gingerbread Lake have stayed close to the dense weed beds for much of the time making them difficult to catch. The weed is now starting to die back making it easier to present baits to feeding fish. Lake regular Martin Knibbs chose a swim where he could cast between some large weed beds and went on to land over 300lbs of carp during a recent session. Martin’s exceptional catch included two mirrors each weighing 35lbs neither of which were named fish, a 32lb mirror, 6 fish over 20lbs and two upper doubles. Club chairman Neil Sampson landed a personal best common carp weighing 29lb 7oz too. His fish was caught on a boily fished over a bed of hemp.

A member reported catching a 7lb plus tench from the little fished Links Pool where thick beds of lily pads still present a challenge to landing fish.

Anglers fishing at New Road Lake have been catching some quality roach swim-feeding at range with maggots as hook bait. Bream and carp action has been steadily improving with the cooler conditions where carp to upper doubles have been caught.

Some hectic sport has been experienced by anglers fishing at McGregor Lake with plenty of carp being caught to low doubles and some good-sized bream approaching double figures. Bradley Curtis has enjoyed some tremendous sport fishing on Mainline boilies fished close to the opposite bank. He has found that many of the fish like to move into the very shallow water to feed following the prevailing winds.