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Last of the summer wine!

Clint Walters cast to a patch of light silt amongst a patch of weed at Gingerbread Lake from where he caught a 25lb 10oz mirror. Many of the lake’s carp have now left the sanctuary of the weed beds as they go on the search for food at the start of their pre-winter feeding spree.

More specimens caught at Priory Farm

In recent years, the Priory Farm stretch of the River Ouse, known locally as ‘Slow Harrold’, has been gaining a reputation for producing some outstanding catches with bream to over 11lbs and tench over 7lbs too. Allan Lawrence has targeted this area of the river this season where he has added to this list by catching a huge 14lb 7oz barbel plus carp to 22lbs in recent weeks. However, before everyone starts stampeding towards the river, Allan advises that he has had to fish long and hard for his fish.

Last throw does the business!

Willy Woodfield fished two nights and days at Gingerbread Lake without a bite despite seeing signs of carp in his swim. He decided to fish a final night in one of his favourite in another part of the lake. The move worked and Willy enjoyed some terrific action on his last day landing mirrors weighing 33lb 5oz, 27lb 4oz and 16lb and a common of 26lb 14oz using his homemade boilies. He said that he lost an even bigger carp that flat lined his rod as it powered away from him finally breaking his line when it found a sharp object. Rob Hammond landed the angular shaped common carp nicknamed ‘The Warrior’ weighing an impressive 29lbs 12oz.

New swims produce the goods!

Three new swims were recently built in the channel area at Gingerbread Lake by an official working party and have proven to be an instant hit with anglers. Fireman Mark Horspool opted to fish one of them from where he caught three carp including ‘Cluster’ weighing 39lbs 7oz. His other fish weighed 25lbs and 18lbs. Clint and Dale Walters fished a popular swim thar has been producing some great catches and went on to share a nine fished haul. Clint landed four carp including the ‘Cut-tail’ common weighing over 28lbs together with other 20s. Dale followed on with five more carp up to 19lbs.