New swims produce the goods!

Three new swims were recently built in the channel area at Gingerbread Lake by an official working party and have proven to be an instant hit with anglers. Fireman Mark Horspool opted to fish one of them from where he caught three carp including ‘Cluster’ weighing 39lbs 7oz. His other fish weighed 25lbs and 18lbs. Clint and Dale Walters fished a popular swim thar has been producing some great catches and went on to share a nine fished haul. Clint landed four carp including the ‘Cut-tail’ common weighing over 28lbs together with other 20s. Dale followed on with five more carp up to 19lbs.

Steve Cook caught a mirror carp weighing 24lb 4oz when he fished at the Links Pool recently. Steve used a method feeder with a strong fish and hemp base mix together with a 15mm fish flavoured boilie to tempt his fish.

Ralph Williamson has been quietly catching carp at New Road Lake with his best weighing over 23lbs. On his latest trip, Ralph landed two doubles at night using his homemade boilies and then caught another two on surface baits during the following day.

The high pressure has slowed down the catch rate at McGregor Lake but those anglers fishing overnight have still been catching plenty of carp and bream. Gary Page recently caught four eels to 4lbs during the day and intends to target the species convinced the lake holds some larger specimens. Gary has also been catching between 5 and 7 carp per session with fish up to 15lbs.