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Dale catches another stunner!

Dale Walters carried on his recent success at Gingerbread Lake whilst fishing overnight during the recent spell of cold weather. His reward was a stunning 35lb 7oz mirror carp which was also a new personal best for him. By the end of the cold spell, the carp seemed to have stopped feeding but a few fish have been observed leaping out after the return of milder weather. However, there has been plenty of action from small pike and perch as more predator anglers begin to target the lake.

Andy renews an old acquaintance!

Andy Moss caught a big chub fishing a BHAA controlled stretch of the River Ouse and immediately recognized it as being a fish he had caught two seasons ago from the same venue albeit 300 yards away from where he had originally caught it. The chub was easily recognizable by its unusual shaped tail and weighed a hefty 6lb 11oz. Andy was especially pleased as his camera battery had died on the previous occasion leaving him without a photograph of the big fish.

Fraser earns his stripes while Barry outfoxes them!

The occasional carp was still being caught at Gingerbread Lake but the fish were becoming more nocturnal with their feeding times. Willy Woodfield landed a 30lb 4oz mirror carp fishing in the factory bay plus two large bream on a recent session. Robert Hammond caught a 28lb common fishing near to the bridge at the far end of the lake. Some anglers were reported to be catching carp from swims in the deep bay near the entrance too.

Autumn Gold!

BHAA’s Membership Secretary Anthony Pogmore arrived at Gingerbread Lake to find the water flat calm with little or no wind so he decided to fish at range using Ngage boilies in conjunction with a PVA bag of freebies. It was early afternoon when his alarm sounded a take and he was soon playing a heavy fish. His friend Willy Woodfield immediately recognised it as a big fish although Anthony was less certain. The fish was landed and was a near leather which tipped the scales at 34lb 8oz confirming Willy’s gut instinct.

Foul weather makes those indicators fly!

Dale Walters fished a 3 night session at Gingerbread Lake and, despite bad weather conditions, was rewarded with a single run on the last night. The fish turned out to be an immaculate 26lb 6oz linear mirror carp. It was a new personal best for Dale too.

Dave Hallybone decided on a change of venue targeting New Road Lake on a day of wind and heavy rain. Dave was trialing a new bait and soon found that the fish had a liking for it as throughout the day he went to land no fewer than eight carp. His best was a 21lb 6oz mirror and the remainder was all hard-fighting doubles.