Andy renews an old acquaintance!

Andy Moss caught a big chub fishing a BHAA controlled stretch of the River Ouse and immediately recognized it as being a fish he had caught two seasons ago from the same venue albeit 300 yards away from where he had originally caught it. The chub was easily recognizable by its unusual shaped tail and weighed a hefty 6lb 11oz. Andy was especially pleased as his camera battery had died on the previous occasion leaving him without a photograph of the big fish.

Alan Wilkie targeted a BHAA controlled stretch of the River Ivel not especially renowned for perch yet found the stripies there in abundance. Alan went on to land five big perch, the best weighing 2lb 9oz. All of his fish fell to float-fished lobworms.

On a recent session at Gingerbread Lake, Dale Walters landed a big common carp known as ‘The Warrior’ weighing an impressive 29lb 12oz. The fish had put on over 4lbs in weight since last season which serves to demonstrate how some of the lake’s carp seem to enjoying a late surge in growth. Dale also caught two big bream during the same session. Paul Webb landed a personal best bream of 8lb 4oz when he ledgered boilies in the factory bay during a short afternoon visit. Other anglers reported plenty of action from small jack pike as the lake began to take on a more autumnal appearance.

Barry Fox was back at McGregor Lake for another day’s pike fishing and landed a small jack almost immediately but struggled to get any more takes throughout the day. He decided to call it a day as the sun set but, when he picked up his remaining rod, he was surprised to find that a 14lb pike had taken his bait. Other anglers reported that the lake’s carp were still active with the odd fish being caught on most days.