Autumn Gold!

BHAA’s Membership Secretary Anthony Pogmore arrived at Gingerbread Lake to find the water flat calm with little or no wind so he decided to fish at range using Ngage boilies in conjunction with a PVA bag of freebies. It was early afternoon when his alarm sounded a take and he was soon playing a heavy fish. His friend Willy Woodfield immediately recognised it as a big fish although Anthony was less certain. The fish was landed and was a near leather which tipped the scales at 34lb 8oz confirming Willy’s gut instinct. Over recent weeks, a member has been enjoying considerable success using floaters despite the constant attention of ducks and gulls landing several 20s and fish well into the 30s. It proves that there are plenty of fish to be caught if you adopt the right tactics. Roach and rudd have been showing in considerable numbers all around the lake too offering an alternative to carp fishing.

Nigel Cleaver was well pleased with his first common carp from New Road Lake which weighed an impressive 20lb 9oz and was thought to be one of the fish stocked by the club only four years ago weighing around 5lbs. October heralds the start of pike fishing for traditionalists and a member was there to take a nice specimen weighing 14lb 4oz. His fish was caught on a float-fished sardine early into his session.

Fishing at McGregor Lake has been a little slow this week mainly because of the weather conditions but the odd mirror carp was still being caught. Favoured baits were either pellets or mini- boilies.