Esox bites back!

Phil Robertson had a day’s pike fishing with his son-in-law at New Road Lake and was well pleased to catch a 15 pounder during his visit. The fish took a float-fished sardine. However, the fish had the last laugh when it gave Phil a nasty bite on his finger to remind him of his capture!

Phillip Ridley and his companion, Terry Holden, braved sub-zero temperatures to get in a night’s fishing at the prolific McGregor Lake and were rewarded for their effort. Terry ended an eight week blank spell when he caught a nice 12lb mirror carp and Phill managed a single-figured mirror too.

Unfortunately, the sustained cold temperatures have all but frozen over the lakes bringing sport to an abrupt halt. Fisheries officer, Martin Crouch, decided to try his luck on a BHAA controlled stretch of the River Ouse. Fishing in freezing conditions, he managed only a single bite on his ledgered lobworms bit it was well worth it as the fish turned out to be a 3lb 1oz perch.