More barbel for the Ivel

The Environment Agency has recently stocked more juvenile barbel into several stretches of the River Ivel as part of its programme to establish the species in the river. A consignment of around 200 fish were released into Sawmills Pool which means than nearly 1000 fish have been stocked into this stretch of the lower Ivel in recent years.

Fraser Hayden fished a BHAA-controlled stretch of the River Ivel using lobworms as bait. He cast alongside a drift of weed and had a single bite which produced a beautifully-conditioned 5lb 9oz chub for the winter stalwart.

Kevin Barrable has continued to plug away at Gingerbread Lake whilst the weather remains fairly mind and his dedication has produced some great results. In recent weeks, Kevin has caught mirror carp weighing 35lbs and 29lbs plus a super common weighing 29lb 10oz.

The colder conditions have dramatically curtailed action at New Road Lake although the odd big fish has still been spotted crashing out at range from the bank.

Bream and carp were still providing some action for anglers fishing at McGregor Lake but pike were proving a harder nut to crack.

Members are requested to avoid driving along the tracks past two-bar bay at Gingerbread Lake and between the bridge and the large island in McGregor Lake both are becoming impassable. However, the track from the gate to the large island at McGregor Lake is still firm and can be used with confidence.