A winter’s tale!

When Fraser Hayden arrived at Tempsford, his gauge recorded an outside temperature of only minus 8.5 degrees C. Undeterred, he made his way to The Jungle stretch of the River Ouse where he found the river devoid of any flow and a marginal temperature of just 3 degrees C, positively balmy!

He introduced a few tiny balls of mashed bread into four likely swims and left them for around half an hour each before casting out. Fraser baited his size 12 hook with tiny pieces of bread crust and sat back to await any action. It was nearly three hours before his quiver tip trembled and bent round a couple of inches. He struck and was soon playing a nice fish which turned out to be a 4lb 2oz chub. No monster but a reward for perseverance on a day that many anglers would dismiss as being hopeless.