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Chub and pike continue to feed after cold spell

More reports of big pike have been received. Stephen Martin recently caught a 24lb 6oz specimen from McGregor Lake where Gary Page has been enjoying some good sport too catching specimens to 16lb. On a recent visit, Gary caught no fewer than six pike to 11lbs using lures. Meanwhile, Barry Fox opted to fish another of BHAA’s still waters to see if he could tempt a fish from a different venue. Barry mounted a small sardine on to a barbless Unirig and had a pick-up which he missed. However, the bait was soon taken again and Barry found himself playing another really big pike. The fish was landed and weighed and turned out to be a 23lb 4oz specimen giving the angler two 20s from different waters this season.

A second big pike caught at McGregor Lake

Only a couple of days after Barry Fox landed a whopping 24lb 14oz pike from McGregor Lake, an even bigger specimen has been reported. Fisheries officer Martin Crouch intended to fish at Gingerbread Lake but a major road accident blocked his way so he decided to fish the Sandy lake instead. Martin ledgered a small roach which was picked up by a massive 25lb 1oz pike.

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Huge pike caught at McGregor Lake

Barry Fox decided to go piking at McGregor Lake after the ice finally melted. Sport was slow as, although Barry experienced a couple of runs, fish kept dropping the baits. He had been casting his bait in the margins but decided on a change of tactics. He baited with a smallish mackerel tail on a uni-trace using barbless hooks and cast it out into the main body of the lake. After a long wait, his bobbin registered a take which soon developed into a strong run. Barry struck and soon realised he was into a good fish that surfaced some distance from the bank. The fish was soon landed though and Barry’s scales recorded a weight of 24lb 14oz, one of the largest specimens reported from this popular water.

Alan gets the New Year off to a great start!

He adopted for a mobile approach fishing each likely swim for a few hours before moving on to try another. Bread flake was Alan’s chosen bait fished in conjunction with the odd ball of liquidized bread designed to attract any feeding fish. His tactics paid dividends as Alan went on to catch three good-sized chub weighing 4lb 1oz, 4lb 7oz and 4lb 11oz.