A second big pike caught at McGregor Lake

Only a couple of days after Barry Fox landed a whopping 24lb 14oz pike from McGregor Lake, an even bigger specimen has been reported. Fisheries officer Martin Crouch intended to fish at Gingerbread Lake but a major road accident blocked his way so he decided to fish the Sandy lake instead. Martin ledgered a small roach which was picked up by a massive 25lb 1oz pike. A comparison of photographs of the fish showed them to be different specimens and they were caught from different areas of the lake. The water has been producing a few carp too with, at least, two low doubles being caught so far. Successful baits were mini boilies and ledgered lobworms cast along the margins.

There have been plenty of anglers trying their luck at Gingerbread Lake but, apart from the odd jack pike, no reports of any significant catches have been received to date. Rudd have been spotted feeding on the surface in the factory bay and may well be worth targeting.

Heavy rain has rendered the rivers difficult to fish for much of the week so again no reports of any catches have been received but, at least, the fish will have some respite from gluttonous cormorants that have feasted on the rivers when the lakes were frozen.

Concern has been expressed at the amount of litter being left at McGregor Lake and the culprits will be expelled from the club when caught. Please take all your litter home with you and dispose of it properly.