Chub and pike continue to feed after cold spell

Winston Pogmore decided to start his winter chub fishing campaign in earnest and was pleased to find that the rivers had fined down after recent floods. He opted to fish the River Ouse at Tempsford using bread crust as bait accompanied by a couple of handfuls of bread crumb as groundbait. His first cast brought a bite after only five minutes and he was soon playing a decent fish that managed to tangle itself around some old rushes. After a bit of cajoling, the fish came free and was soon netted. At first, Winston thought he had landed a five pounder but was thrilled when his scales registered 6lb 12oz, a new personal best. His second cast brought him another chub that had his clutch slipping. It turned out to be another good fish, this time weighing 4lb 12oz. Later, a move of swim brought him a 3lb fish before he headed for home. Buoyed by his success he returned the next day but decided to try one of his favourite stretches of the River Ivel at Tempsford. He cast his crust hook bait towards an overhanging tree and his rod tip soon registered a positive bite. He went on to land another big chub, a 5lb 14oz specimen that equaled his personal best from this river. It turned out to be the only fish of the day but what a fish!

More reports of big pike have been received. Stephen Martin recently caught a 24lb 6oz specimen from McGregor Lake where Gary Page has been enjoying some good sport too catching specimens to 16lb. On a recent visit, Gary caught no fewer than six pike to 11lbs using lures. Meanwhile, Barry Fox opted to fish another of BHAA’s still waters to see if he could tempt a fish from a different venue. Barry mounted a small sardine on to a barbless Unirig and had a pick-up which he missed. However, the bait was soon taken again and Barry found himself playing another really big pike. The fish was landed and weighed and turned out to be a 23lb 4oz specimen giving the angler two 20s from different waters this season.

Sport at Gingerbread Lake remains very quiet although anglers have been fishing for both pike and carp at this big fish venue.