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John catches big pike from two different lakes!

One would have expected with the continuing mild weather the fish would have been feeding avidly but this was not the case as many anglers struggled for bites. John Lincoln ventured out on a really wet day and found Gingerbread Lake almost deserted. He had a take on a roach dead bait though which turned out to be a 15lb 12oz pike which made his trip worthwhile. Later in the week, he fished at another BHAA controlled lake and this time he opted for a smelt fished close to the margins. A single take produced another big pike for John, a 20lb 2oz specimen giving him his second 20 pounder this winter. Steve Bull reportedly landed a mid 20lb mirror carp whilst fishing at Gingerbread Lake on a day when there was little sign of active feeding.

Barry lands his third twenty pound pike!

Barry Fox decided to try for pike at a BHAA controlled lake which has received less pressure than some of the others in recent weeks. He mounted a sardine on to a uni-hook rig float-fished about a foot off the bottom. A single take produced yet another huge pike for Barry, this time a 22lb 8oz specimen and his third over the 20lb barrier this season. He fished on until dusk without any further action but, when tackling down, he threw his hook bait into the lake only to see it devoured by yet another big pike. Barry tried a few more casts to see if he could tempt the beast but without further success.

Two lake records smashed in a week!

Big pike have been reported being caught regularly from McGregor Lake and Steve Martin had previously landed a 25lb plus specimen on a recent trip. Steve made a return visit and decided to try some lure fishing to see if he could repeat his success. After a while, Steve had his lure grabbed by another huge pike which when netted tipped his scales at 26lb 8oz setting yet another lake record. Also, during his latest session, Steve observed some good-sized carp and bream rolling on the surface and leaping clear of the water on occasions.

They just keep getting bigger!

James Lee invited a couple of guests to fish with him on one of BHAA’s lakes but when the trio turned up conditions looked far from ideal. Nevertheless, they had paid for a day’s fishing and they were determined to make a go of it. After a few hours, one of James’s companions had a run on a deadbait and connected with a good fish. It was soon landed and turned out to be a huge pike weighing 26lbs, beating his previous best by a massive 15lbs.