Barry lands his third twenty pound pike!

Barry Fox decided to try for pike at a BHAA controlled lake which has received less pressure than some of the others in recent weeks. He mounted a sardine on to a uni-hook rig float-fished about a foot off the bottom. A single take produced yet another huge pike for Barry, this time a 22lb 8oz specimen and his third over the 20lb barrier this season. He fished on until dusk without any further action but, when tackling down, he threw his hook bait into the lake only to see it devoured by yet another big pike. Barry tried a few more casts to see if he could tempt the beast but without further success.

Bradley Curtis decided to fish an overnight session at McGregor Lake despite near freezing conditions but he managed to experience some hectic action for much of the night. He found a hotspot close to the bridge from where he could throw his baits in. Bradley went on a land seven mirror carp to low doubles plus a small bream. All the action had stopped well before daybreak though. Membership Secretary Anthony Pogmore fished alongside Malcolm Stone from Walker’s Pitch for a day session. Anthony managed to catch a plump 11lb mirror on halibut mini-boilies obtained from the shop and later on caught a nice bream around 6lbs. Malcolm was well pleased to land a 9lb 6oz mirror too so both anglers went home contented. Anthony returned to the lake the following day but was forced to fish the opposite side of the lake as many of the roadside swims were already occupied. It was a raw day and one by one the other anglers called it a day eventually leaving him alone on the lake. It was late in the afternoon before his buzzer sounded and yet another plump little mirror came to the net.

Ray Charter has been fishing the lower Ivel at Tempsford where he has landed chub of 4lb, 4lb 1oz, 4lb 7oz and 4lb11oz in two days. A sad note though was when Ray came across the remains of a large barbel that had been killed by an otter. The otters seem to attack these big fish but only eat a small part of them before discarding the bulk of their carcasses to rot.