They just keep getting bigger!

James Lee invited a couple of guests to fish with him on one of BHAA’s lakes but when the trio turned up conditions looked far from ideal. Nevertheless, they had paid for a day’s fishing and they were determined to make a go of it. After a few hours, one of James’s companions had a run on a deadbait and connected with a good fish. It was soon landed and turned out to be a huge pike weighing 26lbs, beating his previous best by a massive 15lbs.

John Lincoln decided to try for big pike too and opted to fish at McGregor Lake where a number of pike catches had been reported of late. John fished with a ledgered smelt and went on to catch another huge pike, this time a 25lb 8oz specimen. A few smaller jack pike were caught too by other anglers fishing at the lake.

News of an 18lb pike being caught at Gingerbread Lake has been received but far larger specimens are expected to put in an appearance before long.