Two lake records smashed in a week!

The brief spell of milder weather has finally got the fish feeding in BHAA’s lakes. Wesley ‘Wez’ Hayden and Mick Lomas opted for a night fishing session at Gingerbread Lake and the pair had not been fishing long before they spotted a big carp roll on the surface. Wez eventually had a run and found himself playing a huge fish which, when netted, was immediately recognized by Mick as being ‘Cluster’, the lake’s largest resident and a fish that he had caught himself last year. The fish was weighed and registered 42lb 12oz setting a new lake record by more than a pound. Wez’s successful bait was a CC Moore pop-up boilie. The fish was one of a batch of 75 mirror carp stocked by the Association into the lake in March 1995 weighing between 3-7lbs each and were supplied by Fishers Pond Fishery. The frightening prospect is that the fish is likely to continue to pile on weight for, at least, another three months or so. A few other big carp were reported being caught during the previous week but the big mirror reigns supreme. Stewart Howes reported catching two double-figure pike from the lake recently but was finding the really big girls difficult to locate..

Big pike have been reported being caught regularly from McGregor Lake and Steve Martin had previously landed a 25lb plus specimen on a recent trip. Steve made a return visit and decided to try some lure fishing to see if he could repeat his success. After a while, Steve had his lure grabbed by another huge pike which when netted tipped his scales at 26lb 8oz setting yet another lake record. Also, during his latest session, Steve observed some good-sized carp and bream rolling on the surface and leaping clear of the water on occasions.

Carp were on the move at New Road Lake too where members have recorded several good upper doubles. The heaviest fish landed to date was a 23lb mirror carp caught by Nigel Cleaver. The lake is also home to several large pike and this week specimens to 20lbs have been landed as the fish patrol the margins as a prelude to spawning.

Fraser Hayden went in pursuit of chub on the River Ivel at Tempsford but could only manage a handful of bites during his 5-hour session. However, he managed to connect with and land three chub to 4lb 7oz. All of Fraser’s fish fell to flavoured luncheon meat.

One of our members, Bradley Curtis, is trying to arrange a trip to fish at a prolific French carp fishing called Les Quis so anyone who might be interested in joining him on this adventure are encouraged to contact him by e-mail at More information about the fishery can be obtained at

A few thoughtless anglers are causing concern at our Sandy venue by leaving litter and allowing their dogs to frighten or annoy other anglers. Both of these actions infringe club rules so, if the culprits are caught, they risk losing their membership. All litter should be taken home and correctly disposed of and dogs should be kept on a lead and under control within the confines of the angler’s swim.