Like father like son!

All round angler Alan Wilkie has been targeting big perch in the rivers at the end of the end of the season. Alan could not have gotten away to a better start fishing on the River Ivel for his bait was taken within seconds of making his first cast. The fish turned out to be a 3lb 2oz perch. On his third cast, his bait was again taken within 5 minutes of casting out and this resulted in an even bigger specimen, this time a 4lb 3oz perch. A return visit to the river two days later saw him catch the same 3lb 2oz perch again and from the same swim! A change of venue to the River Ouse at Tempsford produced yet another big perch for Alan, a 2lb 14oz specimen.

Alan’s son, Paul Wilkie decided to fish a little fished stretch of the River Ivel using three maggots as bait on only 3lb b.s. line. Paul was gutted to hook and lose a big chub soon into his session but continued to trickle maggots into the swim hoping for another take. His patience was rewarded when he had another bite and hooked a huge chub. After a good fight, the fish was landed and weighed and turned out to be a 7lb 9oz specimen. Paul decided to carry on fishing and kept feeding the swim with maggots. After about an hour and a half had elapsed, he had another bite and was soon playing another huge chub. Paul was more than surprised when the fish turned out to be the same one as he had caught earlier in the day but its weight had increased to 7lb 10oz no doubt finding Paul’s maggots irresistible.

Chub Study Group members have been welcome guests on BHAAs waters recently and their catches have just been reported. Fishing the Dead River stretch of the River Ivel in Sandy members caught some really big chub including specimens weighing 5lb 7oz, 5lb 10oz, 5lb 15oz and 6lb 2oz. A 6lb specimen was caught from the Association’s stretch at Broom too. Several chub weighing from 4lbs to over 5lbs were caught from Church Meadow at Tempsford. Club chairman Neil Sampson got amongst the chub too catching 8 chub over two days from the River Ivel in Sandy. Also, he had a surprise catch in the form of a 7lb 10oz bream. Neil later moved down to Sawmill Pool at Tempsford where he enjoyed some great sport catching two chub, the bast weighing 3lb 15oz, a 1lb 13oz perch and a 5lb bream all on lobworms.

Along with a few other anglers, Colin Kingham has been putting in some long days at Gingerbread Lake where the fishing has been especially hard of late. Colin put this down to the low water temperature which had remained stuck on 42F for weeks. However, Colin has had more success with the lake’s pike catching specimens weighing 13lbs and 18lbs on recent visits.

John Murphy was pleased to get off the mark by catching his first carp of the year, a 13lb 9oz fully-scaled mirror whilst fishing a day session at New Road Lake, Sandy. Membership Secretary Anthony Pogmore fished at nearby McGregor Lake after a fierce overnight frost had frozen the ground and made the prospects somewhat bleak. Sport was slow but he managed to catch two mirror carp, the best weighing around 10lbs using peach and mango flavoured mini boilies as bait.