Big bream haul from New Road Lake

Alan Wilkie decided to target the big bream that inhabit New Road Lake and scaled his tackle down accordingly by using only small hook. Fishing into the light wind it was not long before Alan had his first taste of action, a cracking 10lb 6oz bream. This encouraged him to settle himself down for an overnight session which proved to be a hectic affair. Alan went on to land bream weighing 8lb 12oz, 11lb 2oz, 11lb 5oz, 11lb 6oz and 12lbs plus a bonus mirror carp of 13lb 8oz. A return visit saw him land two more bream including a 10lb 4oz specimen and a ‘baby’ of 6lbs. Pike angler James Hopper was pleased to break a p.b. with a 10lb 3oz bream whilst John Murphy added to his growing tally of carp with a 14lb 4oz mirror. Fraser Hayden fished an overnight session baiting his swim with a mixture of pellets and corn combined with broken boilies. Fraser went on to land a 19lb 8oz mirror and a 9lb 4oz bream Neil Large has been quietly enjoying some success at the lake with a best mirror weighing 28lbs so far. A guest of Mike Hames float-fished alongside the small island and caught quality roach and rudd throughout the day with hardly a minute’s break without some action. Barry Fox caught a 13lb mirror but his grandson, Lewis Vereeque took the honours when he landed a 9lb 14oz bream using 14mm chocolate malt boilies.

Bradley Curtis popped down to McGregor Lake for a short two-hour session after a night’s work and his reward was a nice 14lb 6oz mirror that took a fancy to his 10mm Nash Amber Strawberry boily. Bradley used only a handful of freebies to entice the fish into feeding.

A pole fisherman targeted the Links Pool and did well to land two nice carp during his visit.

Gingerbread Lake is already known for its big carp and tench but there are other species worthy of targeting too. Paul ‘magic hat’ Webb float-fished using a waggler and three casters on the hook in a swim he had dragged for tench. He caught two ‘tinkers’ both weighing 6lbs, one of which was a male. However, he found that his swim was full of big rudd and he went on to catch 10 fish all around the 1lb mark. He returned the next evening to catch another 6lb of pristine rudd. Another angler was reported to have caught a whopping 2lb 15oz roach. Well known carper Ian Stott returned to his roots to catch a 29lb common carp fishing the dugout swim. Anthony Pearson caught another good-sized common, a 21lb specimen together with two bream close to double-figures. Steve Bull had a hectic session catching 5 carp around 10lbs when he spotted groups of fish cruising alongside a rush bed. On his next visit, he spodded out into the lake where he had observed bream spawning and managed to catch a 25lb 12oz common and a couple of bream. Steve Slater of Innovate Baits called it a day when his swim was invaded by bream which mopped up his boilies throughout the night. Martin Knibbs landed an 18lb 4oz carp and three big bream too whilst Alan Davies caught two pike weighing 12lbs and 9lbs.