Martin sets a new lake record!

Fisheries officer Martin Crouch enjoyed two hectic sessions at BHAA’s New Road Lake including setting a new official lake record when he landed a 31lb 2oz mirror carp. During his first overnight session he had seven takes landing all seven fish. They included the new record fish and mirrors weighing 24lb 14oz, 22lb 4oz, 19lb 8oz and three doubles. Also, he caught a 20lb 2oz common carp. A return visit to the venue proved to be an even more hectic affair when during a 24-hour session Martin landed 8 more carp including mirrors weighing 21lb 4oz, and 22lb 14oz and a big common weighing 25lb 3oz. The remaining fish were all doubles. John Murphy struggled to find the carp but was well pleased to land a 10lb 2oz bream on his last visit of the week. The big bream seem to be feeding during the daytime at this time of year provided the weather conditions are right.

A guest of Mike Hames had an unusual catch on McGregor Lake when his small spinner was grabbed by a small mirror carp showing that even carp can have a predatory instinct. Carl Bunyan was well pleased with his latest visit to the lake when he caught 4 carp, two mirrors and two commons to 9lb 8oz.Other anglers were reported to have had multiple catches of carp to low doubles.

Jarad Cooper caught a 36lb plus mirror carp fishing in a less pressurized bay at Gingerbread Lake. The fish was immediately recognized as being the ‘Cluster Clone’ as it has a scale pattern almost identical to that of ‘Cluster’. Several 20s were caught by anglers fishing in different areas of the lake and the odd double was reported too. It looks as though the warmer weather is finally getting the fish to feed more avidly at this venue.