Neil lands a new p.b. common!

Club chairman Neil Sampson fished overnight at Gingerbread Lake catching two common carp and a tench. One of the commons was ‘Cut-tail’ which weighed in at 30lb 8oz beating Neil’s p.b. by nearly a pound. His other carp weighed 17lbs. During the week, the club introduced around 40 carp into Gingerbread Lake with help from Mainstream Fisheries Ltd. Most of the fish were around the 10lb mark although a couple were 20lb plus.

Bradley Curtis caught a pristine 13lb common carp and a single-figured carp fishing in the Links Pool. A recent survey of fish stocks in this water revealed some good specimens of several different species including carp, bream, eels and the occasional tench. Also, there appeared to be a healthy stock of rudd in the water too. Officers were concerned to find that a number of carp surveyed exhibited tail damage attributable to otters. These findings will be considered by the board to determine future fishery management policies.

Dave Halleybone has been fishing New Road Lake where he has enjoyed considerable success catching plenty of carp up to 19lbs 4oz during recent visits. Barry Fox caught a 17lb 12oz mirror carp and a 14lb 2oz common carp on his latest trip too.

Carl and Lee Bunyan targeted McGregor Lake catching mirror carp to 10lbs using Cell pop-up boilies as bait. Masterbaits 1 proprietor Dean Beach also reported some hectic action when he fished overnight catching plenty of carp using his shop made boilies as bait.