Dave ends a 20 year quest

Many years ago Dave Holland caught a near 8lb tench and since then he has been trying in vain to better it. Dave has been particularly frustrated when he kept hearing reports of carp anglers catching big tench and treating their capture with distain. He settled down for another day’s float-fishing in the factory bay at Gingerbread Lake little realizing this was to be his big day. His maggot hookbait was taken and his long wait was over because the fish lying in his landing net was a 9lb 2oz tench completely by-passing the 8lb barrier. However, on his next visit he was able to put the record straight when he landed a 6lb 9oz male tench followed by an 8lb 2oz specimen, breaking his former personal best twice in two visits, and another of 4lb 8oz. Again, it was float-fished maggots that proved to be the successful bait. Thereafter, rudd moved into his swim and pike soon followed them so he decided to call it a day. Neil Sampson was well pleased to catch an 8lb 4oz tench using a 10mm pop-up boilie as bait. Anthony Pogmore caught a 7lb 8oz male tench using a CC Moore’s ‘Live’ boilie to tempt the fish. Derek ‘Del’ Orchard reported catching a real mixed bag of specimens when he recently fished in the little-fished pump house bay. Del caught two double-figured bream and two tench to over 8lbs followed by a 17lb common carp. Another angler to give maggots a try for tench was Kevin Webb but Kevin had to be content with a 10lb pike and an eel. Paul Webb has been enjoying some good sport fishing for bream. Using halibut pellets as bait, Paul has recently caught 2 fish over 7lbs, 2 over 7lb 8oz and and 8lb 1oz specimen. Dale Walters has landed his 17th carp of the year when he caught five fish using sweetcorn as bait. Dale landed mirrors weighing 17lb 5oz, 21lb 9oz, 26lb 8oz and a small single-figured fish and the ‘cut-tail’ common carp weighing an impressive 32lb 10oz.

A number of issues were raised at the club’s last board meeting. Concern was expressed over the actions of a few idiots who have been driving their vehicles around the lake at excessive speeds which only leads to the rapid deterioration of the track. If they are caught, they will be disciplined by the Board. A recent ‘one-off’check of rigs found that some shop bought safety rigs were incapable of releasing ledger weights if the main line was to break. Anglers are asked to ensure that all leads can be released whenever a line break is suffered and always to put the welfare of the fish first. It is hoped to convene some working parties in the near future so, if you are interested in participating in the work, please get in touch. Details are given on the website and in the new club books soon to be available. Finally, it is hoped that a couple of ‘taster’ days will be available for anyone wanting to start fishing or simply to brush up on their techniques. Details will be put on to the website and reported in the local press.