Derek lands his first 30 of the year

Club bailiff Derek Munro has not found the carp at Gingerbread Lake as willing to take his bait as in previous seasons but his patience was finally rewarded when he caught a 30lb 2oz mirror. Another of the club’s bailiff’s Colin Burge also got amongst the carp landing a 26lb 9oz mirror followed by a 20lb common.. Colin had found some old chocolate flavoured boilies tucked away in the back of his freezer and decided to give them a try, a wise decision. John Murphy was well pleased with the results of his last two visits to the lake catching a 17lb 14oz common carp, an 8lb 3oz tench and an 8lb bream. By the way, one of Del Orchard’s tench reported last week actually weighed 10lb 4oz and his other fish was over 9lbs. Barry Fox caught a 7lb 13oz tench using a cut down 15mm Cell pop-up boilie just 1oz below Barry’s personal best.

A 34lb mirror carp was recently caught from the Links Pool, a venue which receives little attention from the big fish hunters.

Gary Page landed a super 8lb tench whilst fishing at McGregor Lake together with mirror carp of 10lb 2oz, 9lb 5oz, 8lb 8oz and bream of 5lb 45oz and 7lbs.

The water level at New Road Lake is currently around 2ft below normal reflecting the lack of rainwater and the effects of a nearby willow plantation.

The return of hobbies to the McGregor Lake was a welcome sight. These birds feed on dragonflies, martins and swallows and are very agile fliers.