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Spectacular bream catch from Swan Lake

Attention to detail was the secret of success for Steve Davis when he set out to catch some of the big bream that inhabit Swan Lake. He found an area of silt behind a gravel bar and put out a small bed of groundbait and swim fed over the top of it with a variety of different types of worms. Steve went on to catch no fewer than eleven of the lake’s big bream and a 24lb 7oz mirror carp too. Two of his bream topped the 14lb mark, the best weighing 14lb 4oz whilst several others were well into double figures. Steve reckoned the big bream had only recently spawned and would have easily topped 15lb in peak condition.. He urges anyone who catches one of these magnificent fish to return them to the water as soon as possible to avoid harming them whilst they are in a fragile state. Several other anglers landed the odd double-figured carp but found them generally unwilling to pick up boilies.

Changeable weather conditions play havoc with sport

A mixture of rain and shine seemed to have stopped the recent spawning frenzy and left the fish in a lethargic mood with many anglers not able to but a bite. Also, there have been surprisingly few anglers fishing the lakes at the start of the new season compared to previous years.

A second 30lb carp was caught recently at Swan Lake and was confirmed to be a different one to the lake record. The latest fish weighed 30lb 2oz and serves to demonstrate how well the fish are growing in this smallish lake. Another member enjoyed a mixed bag of double-figured carp, bream and a pike during a recent session.

Rain triggers bream and tench spawning!

Bream were feeding during the daytime at Swan Lake where John Murphy caught two weighing 9lb 14oz and 9lb 1oz. John had observed bream spawning in the side throughout the day. The lake water is very clear at the moment making fish very hard to catch on bright sunny days.

Eel and pike on the menu!

A late arrival at Swan Lake meant that Fraser Hayden was still erecting his bivvie in the early hours of the morning when his bite alarm sounded. Earlier, Fraser had put out a small bed of corn, mixed pellets and dead maggots and then fished Dynamite 10mm Peach and Mango boilies on the hook. The fish turned out to be an 11lb 2oz bream that could have easily topped 12lbs if it had been in peak condition. A second run just after dawn produced another big bream, this time an 8lb 5oz specimen.