Changeable weather conditions play havoc with sport

A mixture of rain and shine seemed to have stopped the recent spawning frenzy and left the fish in a lethargic mood with many anglers not able to but a bite. Also, there have been surprisingly few anglers fishing the lakes at the start of the new season compared to previous years.

A second 30lb carp was caught recently at Swan Lake and was confirmed to be a different one to the lake record. The latest fish weighed 30lb 2oz and serves to demonstrate how well the fish are growing in this smallish lake. Another member enjoyed a mixed bag of double-figured carp, bream and a pike during a recent session.

An explosion in weed growth has seen a lot of the lake’s big carp seeking the cover of the newly formed weed beds at Gingerbread Lake. No reports have been received of any carp catches. However, the wetter weather has done little to diminish the feeding of the lake’s tench and bream. Paul Webb had a five fish haul of bream of over 40lbs with the best specimen weighing 8lb 8oz. Alan Wilkie found that big bream had invaded his favourite tench swim on the north bank when he caught five fish, the best weighing 8lb 13oz.. Mick Day paid a rare visit to the lake but was rewarded by catching a personal best tench of 8lb 2oz. Dave Holland clocked up another good tench float-fishing in the factory bay, this time it was a 7lb 2oz specimen. Colin ‘the worm’ Burge was another angler to catch a good-sized tench fishing in the factory bay which he returned without weighing.

A new member scouting the rivers prior to the start of the season was impressed when he spotted around 30 large chub in the lower Ivel at Tempsford. Presumably, these fish may have come up from the River Ouse which joins a few hundred meters downstream.

Thanks go to the handful of officers who spent two days reparing the tracks to and around the lakes at Sandy. Members are asked not to drive fast on them as excessive speed will quickly damage the surface.