Eel and pike on the menu!

A late arrival at Swan Lake meant that Fraser Hayden was still erecting his bivvie in the early hours of the morning when his bite alarm sounded. Earlier, Fraser had put out a small bed of corn, mixed pellets and dead maggots and then fished Dynamite 10mm Peach and Mango boilies on the hook. The fish turned out to be an 11lb 2oz bream that could have easily topped 12lbs if it had been in peak condition. A second run just after dawn produced another big bream, this time an 8lb 5oz specimen.

Anthony Pearson fished an overnight session at Gingerbread Lake and reported a lot of activity from carp with individual fish constantly crashing on the surface. Anthony went on to catch a 27lb mirror carp. Nearby, Paul Webb was fishing for bream using blood and halibut pellets as bait when he too hooked into a big carp which Anthony was on hand to weigh for him. The carp was a 27lb 4oz mirror with little in the way of scales apart from a small cluster around the tail. Paul Junke also caught a big carp, a 29lb mirror that he recognized as having caught before when it weighed only 25lbs.

Perhaps, the most unusual catch was made by Gary Page fishing at McGregor Lake. He had a take on a boilie but struck into the carcass of a dead eel weighing about 3lbs. However, the eel was also on the menu of a 10lb pike that was holding on to the other end!