Rain triggers bream and tench spawning!

Bream were feeding during the daytime at Swan Lake where John Murphy caught two weighing 9lb 14oz and 9lb 1oz. John had observed bream spawning in the side throughout the day. The lake water is very clear at the moment making fish very hard to catch on bright sunny days.

A member float-fishing at Gingerbread Lake has landed two whopping tench, the best weighing 10lb 6oz and the other 7lb 14oz. Dave Holland is enjoying a purple patch and this week saw him catch two more good tench weighing 8lb 11oz and 5lb 8oz again float-fishing. The recent rain has caused an explosion of weed growth and tench have moved into areas where the new weed beds have established themselves. There has been plenty of action with roach and rudd feeding well although marauding pike have been taking more than their fair share of hooked fish. Later in the week, tench started to spawn in earnest in different parts of the lake again brought on by the recent rain. Members will be pleased to learn that a number of carp have been ordered from AJS Fisheries and should be stocked into the lake by the end of the month. The fish are expected to be in the 8-10lb region.

Carp and bream continue to be caught in numbers at McGregor Lake with many of the carp caught now being into double figures. A number of good catches have been made from the channel at the rear of the long island which many anglers deserted after a bridge was put across to the island. However, the odd big tench continues to be caught too and Dave Holland reported catching a 6lb 13oz specimen on a recent visit. Anglers deciding to float fish were also enjoying plenty of action but several good carp were lost when hooked on light tackle. More good news for members is the planned stocking of AJS carp to boost stocks and, hopefully, catch rates. The fish should be introduced before the end of the month.

During the coming week, it is hoped that most of the ruts in the track at the Sandy Lakes fishery will be filled. Members are asked to drive slowly along the track though as excessive speed causes rapid deterioration of the surface.

June the 16th will be with us soon and no doubt many members will be keen to start fishing the rivers again, including our new stretch on the River Ivel at Willow Hay. Please keep us informed of any good or unusual catches as we are keen to maintain interest in our website news (send your reports and photos to