Big pike is still pinching fish!

A crafty pike at Gingerbread Lake has found an easy way of supplementing his diet by grabbing fish off anglers’ lines as they wind in. Winston Pogmore was the latest victim to fall foul of the marauding pike estimated to weigh around 20lbs. He decided to try to catch it using a small lure but after catching eleven perch he decided to call it a day. On a previous visit, he caught one of the new carp stocked into the lake, a small heavily-scaled mirror that put up a tremendous scrap. Tench, bream and the odd carp have been caught by anglers with many fish now releasing feeder bubbles as they forage on the bottom. Anthony Pearson has managed to pick up a carp on each of his last three visits and his latest catch was a 31lb common carp. Harold Hunt had a fairly hectic session catching a couple of good-sized bream, losing a carp and then catching a huge 9lb tench. All of Harold’s fish fell to boilies.

Gary Page has been concentrating on Swan Lake after spending much of his time previously at nearby McGregor Lake. Gary’s move has proved to be a wise one as he has recently caught three double-figured bream all from different swims around the lake and a near 20lb pike. Other anglers have reported catching double-figured carp on both floaters and boilies. Steve Davis and a friend went after the bream too. Steve caught fish weighing 9lbs and 10lbs and his friend an 8lb 6oz during their visit.

Tom Michelson has been fishing at McGregor Lake where he has caught loads of big eels using lobworms as well as the odd bream. Steve Davis moved on to the lake and had a brilliant session landing 11 carp including 10 doubles up to 17lb 6oz.. Also, he had two bream around 7lbs and a 6lb tench. Steve was using Stansted Angling’s ‘Big Fish’ boilies fished over a bed of particles that he kept topped up throughout his visit. Steve said that the fish kept coming throughout both the day and night. He was using short hook lengths and running leads.

The club will be holding a couple of ‘Open Days – Fishing Experience’ on 20th August and the 3rd September when our experienced coaches will be on hand to help both new and inexperienced anglers to hone their skills. All fishing tackle will be provided and local tackle dealer, Walker’s Pitch, has kindly offered to sponsor the events providing gift vouchers to all who attend. Further details will appear on the website and on posters to be displayed in tackle shops.

Please note also that work will be undertaken at McGregor Lake on 6th and 7th of August to construct car parking areas and walkways to swims. If you are able-bodied and would like to help, please come along and assist. There are some exciting projects in the pipeline too so if you would like to become a member of the working sub-group on a regular basis, please follow the enrolment guidance on the back cover of your membership book.