Damon finds the big carp!

While many of the regulars fishing at Gingerbread Lake have targeted the popular swims, Damon Mathews chose a swim that has been largely neglected in recent months. Damon has found several of the lakes big carp holding up in the area and has gone on to catch the mirror nicknamed ‘Baby Cluster’ weighing an impressive 36lb 6oz, a linear mirror weighing 31lbs, a heavily-scaled 26lb mirror and a 25lb 2oz common carp. Colin Burge moved back into one of his old favourite swims in the factory bay and had a hectic session catching 5 tench to 7lb 4oz and a good-sized bream. Colin was using some new pellets that his wife bought for him to try. Kevin Webb decided to fish the deep water and spotted lots of fish rolling there including bream, tench and carp. Late in the day he landed a 12lb common carp. He returned to the same swim the following day to catch a bream on tiger nuts and a pike on a boilie! Other anglers who caught carp during the week included John Murphy who landed a 14lb 4oz mirror and Dave Holland with a 12lb common carp caught float-fishing..

Don’t forget that the club will be holding the first of its Open Days for new and inexperienced anglers at McGregor Lake on the 20th of August and hope to make it a memorable experience for all who attend. There will be refreshments provided and nobody will leave empty handed.