Big eels to be caught at Swan Lake

Lou Gilhart has caught two good-sized eels around the 3lb mark on his last two visits to Swan Lake. Both fish fell to a seafood bait he bought from his local supermarket. George Horne regularly fishes for them and reckons there are plenty to be caught. His best specimen from the lake weighed 5lb 4oz. Kevin Webb caught a 20lb 4oz mirror carp on his last visit to the lake and said he has yet to catch a carp under 20lbs from this developing big fish water. Some nice quality roach and rudd have been caught from this lake in recent weeks taking a variety of small baits including pellets, sweetcorn and maggots.

Fraser Hayden decided to start his autumn perching earlier than usual as he has found the lakes somewhat out of sorts lately. He fished the River Ouse at Tempsford where he caught four ‘stripies’, the best a 2lb 10oz specimen. All came from a deep glide close to the bank and did not feed until light was fading despite the day being somewhat dank and dreary.

Ron Stapleton caught a 21lb mirror carp fishing at Gingerbread Lake whilst his son Andrew managed to catch a 13lb common and a 5lb mirror, one of the recently stocked fish. Although the carp fishing remains hard, tench and bream have been feeding well in a number of swims. John Murphy landed a 7lb 14oz tench during the week together with a couple of good-sized bream. He reckons he lost a good fish too that dived into a weed bed and stubbornly refused to come out of it.

Working party sub-group members have been busy at McGregor Lake creating permanent pathways and car parking areas in particular to improve facilities for disabled anglers. It is planned that this work will be completed well in advance of the forthcoming Open Day to be held on 20th August. Participants will have the free use of tackle generously donated by the Environment Agency and other facilities provided by the Club.

Club bailiffs have become concerned over by the increasing amount of rubbish being left in swims or hidden in nearby vegetation, particularly by some of the younger members. Please take all of your rubbish home with you and put it into your recycling bins. Leaving litter will not be tolerated and risks the club losing the fishing rights and encourages rats and the risk of associated diseases. All members are reminded that they will be held responsible for any litter found in or around their swims by bailiffs and risk losing their membership.