Changeable weather puts carp into a sulk

Carp were about to spawn when a recent drop in temperature undoubtedly put them into a stressed state and generally off the feed. At least three carp at Gingerbread Lake and one at Swan Lake were reported to have died during this spell in common with some big fish elsewhere in the country. One fish to buck this trend was the mirror carp named ‘Cluster’ that decided to feed and was caught by a member fishing at Gingerbread Lake weighing 42lbs. Also,Winston Pogmore finally got the better of one the marauding pike that kept snacking on hooked rudd and roach when he landed a 16lb specimen.

Its been hard going at Swan Lake too but one angler who managed a good catch was youngster Callum Sharp who caught a beautifully proportioned 23lb 2oz mirror carp.

Fish have been active in the early mornings and throughout the night at McGregor Lake with signs of fish stirring up the bottom being seen by observant anglers. Kevin Potterill reported catching a number of carp during the night on one of his recent visits to the lake. Many of the fish that were feeding were keeping to the shallower water often neglected by lake regulars.

Don Smith, one of our retired members from Luton, fishes midweek and would like to hear from any member in the Luton area who would like to partner him on fishing trips. If so, you can contact Don at