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Second Open Day at McGregor Lake exceeds all expectations

Around 50 participants enjoyed themselves at BHAA’s second Open Day held at McGregor Lake with everyone who fished catching, at least, one fish. Fish caught were mainly roach, rudd and skimmers but the odd small carp and perch were also landed. Those who attended were a mixture of novice anglers and persons who had returned to the sport after gaps of many years. All tackle and bait was provided free of charge by the Club and there were both hot and cold drinks available throughout the day together with a variety of snack foods whenever the anglers fancied a break.

Named big fish put in appearances!

Anthony Pearson’s 38lb mirror caught from Gingerbread Lake last week was identified as being the elusive ‘Moonscale’ so called because it has a crescent shaped scale on one of its flanks. Also, he caught a 25lb common and two stockies. Lee Bundy re-joined the club and caught another of the sought after fish, the ‘cut-tail’ common weighing a massive 35lb 7oz, its heaviest ever weight. Matt Parry managed to bank a 22lb common carp whilst fishing along the north bank of the factory bay. The big fish feeding spell was short and sweet though because the lake has been very quiet for much of the week until last Friday when a member appeared to bank another big carp after freeing it from a weed bed.

Open Day – 24th September 2011

The Club will be holding its second Open Day at McGregor Lake on the 24th of September. All bait, tackle and refreshments will be provided free of charge and Walker’s Pitch has again offered to sponsor the event. Whether you are 8 or 80 you will be welcome and our experienced coaches will be on hand to help you throughout the day.
You’ve got nothing to lose except maybe that big fish!

Sport is hotting up as temperatures cool down!

Windy conditions throughout the week have certainly stirred the fish up at Gingerbread Lake with a number of big carp caught. Anthony Pearson was in the midst of a hectic session landing 4 carp, the best weighing 38lb and losing a further 4 fish. Anthony enjoyed a similar result on his previous visit when he landed 5 carp with three of them topping the 20lb mark. Andrew Stapleton and his dad Ron have both caught some good fish in recent weeks with Andrew banking a personal best common carp weighing 29lbs and Ron a 21lb mirror carp. Andrew has had some sport with another species, namely, big eels when he made up some fish flavoured boilies. He caught several big eels including a 4lb 7oz specimen. John Murphy finally caught one of the big carp he has been after when he caught a pristine 29lb 12oz common carp and then added a 15lb common on his next visit. John was unfortunate to lose three good fish to hook pulls too. A member has had some terrific sport floater-fishing on the back of the strong winds hooking and landing several big carp and losing a few too. Membership Secretary Anthony Pogmore caught a 15lb 6oz common and a large male tench around 7lbs during the week using boilies fished on top of the dying weed. Young Lewis Vereecque added a 10lb 8oz mirror carp to his growing tally of big fish catches when he fished with an unusual combination of a pop-up boilie tipped and two artificial maggots.

Autumn Gold!

Crystal clear water at Gingerbread Lake has had a dramatic effect on anglers’ catch rates in recent weeks with the lake’s big carp showing little interest in anglers’ baits which keep being introduced in large amounts. However, in recent weeks, a few of the bigger carp have started their autumnal feeding. Barry Fox fished a day session using only a 10ml boilie as bait together with a handful of freebies. His tactics proved to be successful as he went on to catch a personal best mirror carp weighing 31lb 2oz, a fish easily recognizable by clusters of scales on each of its flanks. Colin Burge also reported catching another 31lb plus mirror carp during a short day session using only a hookbait supplemented with a PVA bag of crushed offerings.