Mild conditions keep fish feeding

Neil Sampson fished on a BHAA controlled stretch of the River Ivel near Sandy with the water crystal clear and slow moving. However, Neil persevered and was rewarded with the capture of a 5lb 9oz chub.

John Lincoln had a cracking start to his season’s pike fishing when he fished at the Sandy Lakes fishery. John caught two pike weighing 16lb 6oz and 24lb 8oz. The smaller of the two fish fell to a ledgered smelt whilst the big one was caught using a section of eel as bait.

Barry Fox’s haul of pike from Gingerbread Lake reported last week consisted of fish weighing 10lb 2oz, 14lb 4oz and 18lb 4oz. Carp have been active throughout the week but have been reluctant to take anglers’ baits. However, the previous weekend Dale Walters went into the Dugout swim where he spotted some good-sized carp crashing out in the lake. He managed to get his baits into the area where the fish were active and, within a short time, caught mirrors weighing 26lbs and 28lbs. Thereafter, he fished on without another bite.

John Murphy got fed up waiting for fish to feed at Gingerbread Lake and, instead, went to Swan Lake. He fished throughout the day though without a single bite and was on the verge of packing up when he had a screaming run. The hard-fighting fish turned out to be a 14lb 8oz mirror. John was in the process of weighing it when another of his rods was away and this time it was a 23lb 6oz mirror. He ended up with both fish on the bank at the same time and, needless to say, he was a happy man!

Our bailiffs have reported finding both litter and human waste in the proximity of swims at both the Sandy and Eaton Socon complexes. If the culprits are found they will be severely disciplined. Also, bailiffs have caught pike anglers fishing without landing nets or unhooking mats thereby risking damaging any fish caught. Please ensure you have these items with you when fishing on club waters. The increased use of gripping tools is becoming prevalent in the country and members are asked not to use them on club waters as they can harm the fish. A member hooked a sack whilst fishing at Swan Lake and when he opened it he found a 19lb 8oz mirror carp inside. The sacking of fish is strictly forbidden on all BHAA waters and anyone found breaking this rule faces expulsion from the Association. Fortunately, the fish swam off strongly when released.