2011 ends on a high and 2012 starts with a bang!

Biggleswade & Hitchin AA was delighted to be declared as being the best club in the Midlands and East Anglian Region by ‘Anglers’ Mail’ despite competition from a number of much larger fishing clubs and associations. The award took into consideration the quality of the waters and the proactive approach of the club in promoting its fishing.

Around 300 silver fish and small perch were transferred from Grace Lake into McGregor Lake together with an 8lb common carp and pike to 15lbs. The lake is now rapidly refilling and will soon be stocked with crucians and tench, hopefully, in time for the start of next season. There is still a lot of work to do removing debris from the banks and sowing grass seed around the lake. It should make a great addition to the club’s portfolio of fishing and offer anglers some exciting float-fishing in the future.

The continuing mild weather has meant that the carp at McGregor Lake have continued to feed. Robert Livock has been catching carp to over 13lbs with one or twp red letter days with multiple catches. Bradley Curtis ended the year fishing into a near gale force wind but managed to land mirror carp weighing 8lb 6oz and 15lb 3oz. The bigger fish fell to a banana flavoured pop-up boilie.

Chub fishing in the Sandy area has been good with several anglers catching fish to well over 5lbs. One of the more successful methods has been float-fishing with a single maggot which has accounted for most of the larger fish. It was this method that enabled Simon Carr of Walker’s Pitch to catch a 6lb 2oz chub. Whilst Simon concentrated on chub fishing, his young son Alex fished alongside him using a ledgered smelt. Alex hooked a big pike that threatened to pull him in but with dad’s guidance the fish was landed, a superb 21lb 4oz specimen from a BHAA controlled stretch.

PAC member Richard Callf fished a BHAA controlled lake during the week landing two super pike. Both were females and weighed 17lbs and 28lbs, the latter being a new record for the undisclosed venue. Richard was reluctant to publicise his catch for fear of putting too much pressure on these delicate fish as they approach spawning time. Recently, he has witnessed so-called pike anglers using inferior tackle resulting in fish being lost with lures and traces in them. He advises anglers wishing to pike fish to seek advice on the correct handling and unhooking of fish to minimize damage.