A few boilies can go a long way!

Whilst most carp anglers have put away their rods until the Spring, Pete Housden has continued fishing at Swan Lake where he has been introducing a small amount of bait during the week. Pete’s reward has been to catch 4 20lb plus carp, his latest a 22lb 4oz fully-scaled mirror, and a couple of good-sized doubles. Bailiff Dave Hallybone has employed the same tactics too and has taken a couple of small commons in recent trips.

Alan Wilkie has been putting in the time on the rivers Ivel and Ouse and has caught chub to 6lb 5oz by being prepared to fish into the dark and by keeping his regular swims topped up with a few freebies. Alan fished recently on a BHAA controlled stretch of the Ivel near Sandy from where he caught a 5lb 15oz chub using link ledgered luncheon meat to tempt it.

Winston Pogmore ventured on to his favourite stretch of the Ivel, High Romper at Tempsford but was disappointed to find the river almost without any flow and clear. After failing to get a bite in a number of swims, he moved down on to a wooded stretch of the river. The recent strong winds had brought down a number of branches creating some shelter for the fish and it was here that he found them. Using float-fished bunches of maggots, he soon found himself getting a bite every task and a steady stream of roach, small chub, dace and even minnows coming to the net.