Big chub from both the Ivel and the Ouse!

Martin Barnatt decided to fish on a BHAA-controlled stretch of the Ivel after trying his luck on some more popular stretches of the river. Fishing only short morning sessions, Martin’s change of venue brought him the good fortune he was after in the form of a 5lb 13oz chub. However, he is still desperate to break the 6lb barrier before the end of the season.

Fraser Hayden thought he might try for some of the elusive Ivel roach fishing The Riddy stretch of the river in Sandy. He set up with a stick float, centre pin reel, size 18 hook and a 2.2lb bottom. Bait was a single maggot. Fraser fed his swim with a dozen or so maggots every couple of minutes and guided his float down the centre of the river. However, it was not roach that he was to catch but some pristine conditioned chub. Over a short 3-hour session, Fraser took 5 chub between 3lbs and just over 4lbs for a total weight of about 18lbs.

Alan Lawrence fished on a BHAA-controlled stretch of the River Ouse from where he caught six big chub all over 4lbs. His fish weighed 4lb 3oz, 4lb 12oz, 5lb 5oz, 5lb 11oz and two 6 pounders weighing 6lb 3oz and 6lb. All of Alan’s fish were taken on quiver tipped popped-up cheese flavoured bread crust.

Notifications have been sent to night permit holders inviting them to renew their permits for the forthcoming season. The deadline date for renewal will be 30th April after which time any vacancies will be filled from the waiting list. If any member has not received his notification, he should contact the Membership Secretary.