Big pike keep getting caught

A member fished on a BHAA-controlled lake where a single take late in the afternoon resulted in him catching a 27lb 12oz pike. Another member fishing at a different lake caught a 20lb 14oz pike but he was a little disappointed as he had caught the same fish a week earlier weighing 21lbs!

Carp were still active at McGregor Lake where a few fish were observed leaping clear of the water after overnight rain. The previous week, Brad Curtis caught four fish during a day visit, the best weighing around 11lbs. It seems as though the fish are spending much of their time in the surface layers of water so zig rigs may well be the best method during the cold weather.

Cheese paste turned out to be successful bait for Winston Pogmore when he made a return visit to High Romper on the Ivel. Although bites were hard to come by, he still managed to catch chub weighing 4lb 7oz, 4lb 3oz and 3lb 14oz. Later, he ventured on to a seldom fished stretch of the nearby Ouse called Campers Meadow where most of the swims had become overgrown with blackthorn bushes. He still managed to catch a 3lb plus chub and missed several good bites during his visit. Robert Livock fished on an increasingly popular stretch of the Ivel near to the Sandy Lakes fishery and ended up fishing a swim from which he regularly catches chub. He kept getting fish knocking his bread flake hook bait and was beginning to think they were caused by small fish when a bold bite changed his mind. He struck and found he was into a good chub which turned out to be a 4lb 9oz specimen.